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Studio C Company

Studio C Company

The New Approach: In Action

From 2005-2008, Studio C ran a film group – a company to work in a manner similar to a traditional theatre company, utilizing the talent from within the studio to create and perform in the films produced. The work was not just about making movies – it was a commitment to the filmmaking process, combining the talents of industry professionals, as well as fresh up-and-comers. With a group of support professionals, many of whom were on the Board, committed to assisting our productions, the goal was to collectively help the careers of aspiring talent. During its run, the Company produced a series of shorts that were available to be distributed (per the filmmakers choice) by GuerillaFlics, a subsidiary of A4H Films & Distribution. GuerillaFlics is an online virtual movie theater and distribution company which produces, and/or hosts, and distributes independent short films and selected long form movies, founded by Michael Hirshenson, partner in The Casting Company. Co-founder Susan Moses, also a Studio C Board member, continuously supported the Studio C productions and filmmakers.

The program was set up very similar to a movie studio under the studio system – each person was assigned to a film unit, which in turn produced each project from development through post-production. Each production cycle ran roughly six months.


If you were a past member and would like to access any of our Company paperwork, it is no longer online. Please contact us, and we will be happy to provide anything you need.

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of Studio C Company during its 3-year run:

•World Wide Broadcast Services
•A.M.P. Filmworks
•Rocky Mountain Motion Pictures
•Revolt Pro Media
•Media Distributors
•Worldwide Film Co.
•Denny’s Warehouse
•Party America
•Elegant Balloons
•Smart and Final
•Jack in the Box
•Le Dome Restaurant
•Buddha’s Belly Restaurant
•Sweet Lady Jane
•Norman’s Restaurant
•Jennie Cook’s Catering
•Citron Catering
•Grace Marketing
•Blessed King Bagel & Bakery
•Noah’s Bagels
•The Vanguard

On behalf of Studio C Acting & Filmmaking Institute, we appreciate your generous support.

We have no further productions planned. Studio C Company was officially closed down in January ’08.

Post Production:
Until Tomorrow
Just Remember

Look for the premieres of these films in the coming months – the directors are currently finishing editing on them, and we expect to have a screening soon.

Recent releases:

(Won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Short in the New York International Independent Film Festival in 2005.)

All three films premiered at our June 7th, 2005 event…
The Dream Factory / REMIXED.