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Casting Director Series – Dutton

The New Approach: Casting Director Series

Four Week Intensive With TV/Film Casting Director Nan Dutton

Thursdays @ 7:30p
November 8th, 15th, 29th & December 13th


Acting is about making strong choices – and bringing your whole self to the role. “Show them your (guts)!” is what Nan Dutton says (actually, Nan used a different word, but the philosophy is still the same). Actors need to know exactly what it takes to deliver a performance for network television and film – and with her 30+ years of casting experience, Nan has an innate sense of how to bring that out of the actors she sees. In this 4-week course, Casting Director Nan Dutton will guide you through how to compete in this arena – and how to bring the very best to every audition and performance you do. The four weeks will look something like this:

Week 1:
•You will provide your headshot ahead of time, and Nan will “call you in” for an audition for a specific role, based off of the look in your headshot. Not only will this week be an exercise in auditioning, but also a wake-up call for just what your headshot may represent to the casting directors you’re sending it to.

Week 2:
•The second week will be about the art of the audition. You will prepare material given to you in advance, and bring it in to work on with Nan.

Week 3:
•This week will all be about performing cold – how you handle material when it’s handed to you or switched at the last minute (which Nan says she does do sometimes).

Week 4:
•There will be a two-week hiatus in between the third and the last week, so that you can prepare a scene with a partner from class – and bring it in to perform. Nan will have gotten to know you by now, so it’ll give her a chance to see you perform in material she’s unfamiliar with – and give feedback based on what she’s seen you do in the past 3 weeks.

This will be a demanding course – and Nan expects A LOT from the actors that she works with. It is geared towards actors who are serious about a career in acting, and who are actively working on their career in classes, seminars, and performances of various kinds.


Call (323) 988-1175 or email info@studiocartists.com to sign up.
Limited enrollment! All major credit cards accepted.

DISCLAIMER: This workshop is a learning experience. It is not an audition or employment opportunity. When the workshop is over, the casting director/casting associate/casting director (whichever is applicable) teaching this workshop will not be taking home nor be given access to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials.