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Commercial Series – Sonntag

The New Approach: Commercial

On-Camera Acting, Audition Technique, & Career Building Strategies for TV Commercials
Taught By Casting Director / Producer Michael Sonntag

Mondays, January 26th – March 2nd
$275 for 6-week class

The New Approach: Commercial is a 6-week acting class designed for any actor who is interested in working more in TV commercials – whether you’re just starting out, or you’re looking to increase your booking ratio – this class will give you the tools you need to succeed in the commercial world.

Casting Director & Producer Michael Sonntag will guide students through topics, which include:

•Psychology Behind All Commercials & Commercial Auditions – What Does The Client Want?
•On-Camera Discipline (Be Authentic Using Your Archetypes And Own Personality)
•Rehearse All Types Of Material – Spokesperson Spots, Dialogue Spots, Improvisations, Slice
Of Life, 2-Person Scenes, Reading Copy, Etc. – Students Get Up Multiple Times Per Class
•Working with Story Boards – Understanding How To Break Down This Type Of “Script”
•Props & Product Use – How To Proficiently Handle These Elements In The Audition
•How To Slate And Effectively Interview On-Camera (It’s Not As Easy As It Looks!)
•Preparing For A Commercial Audition – What Do You Need To Do Beforehand?
•Callbacks – Learning How To Handle Coming Back Into The Room The Second Time

From course teacher, Michael Sonntag: “Why teach a commercial class? Because in the past six years of casting commercials, I consistently see actors make the same mistakes. And I recognize them, because they’re the same mistakes I made as an actor myself. If only I had known then what I’ve had the advantage to see behind the camera during the casting process now, I would have booked a lot more. It’s not rocket science, but there is a method to it!”