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On-Camera Film Acting

With Casting Director Aleta Chappelle

Tuesdays, 7:30p – September 21, 2010 through October 12, 2010 – SOLD OUT

Sundays, 4:00p – September 19, 2010 through October 10, 2010 – $275/month

Acting in front of the camera requires very specific skills. In this four-week course, A-list Casting Director Aleta Chappelle will help you hone those skills and disciplines, and guide you toward the essentials needed to give a TECHNICALLY CORRECT and yet HONEST performance. Here’s what you can expect:

•Performances ON CAMERA each week using scenes from film scripts.
•Coaching, critique, and scene direction geared towards helping the actor work their craft within the technical confines of the camera.
•Focus on FILM AUDITION TECHNIQUE – because an actor needs to get past the film audition using proper acting technique to get a film job.
•Guidance from a top film casting director as to what they look for and how actors can develop their skills for a successful audition.
•Gain expertise in what is expected from you on the set in regard to performance levels, multiple takes, matching action, and more.

This class is designed for actors of varying levels – those whose main experience has been on the stage and need on-camera experience, up to those who are more experienced in front of the camera, but want to develop their acting technique by using this class for on-camera scene study. In any case, the more time an actor spends in front of the camera, the more comfortable they will become – ensuring a dynamic performance, both in the audition and on the set.

Call (323) 988-1175 or email info@studiocartists.com to sign up.
Limited enrollment! Class size is kept small. All major credit cards accepted.

Here what people who’ve studied with Aleta Chappelle have had to say about her class:

“I don’t think it was a coincidence that I booked this film soon after taking your class. Thanks again!!!”

“…I cannot THANK YOU enough for the outstanding Scene Study workshop! Your coaching and insights were invaluable. I truly learned a great deal in a very short period of time, and I hope to put what I’ve learned to good use in months ahead.”

“I just wanted you to know that I had a wonderful time in your class once again. It’s such a pleasure to have you as a coach/director. I told my 2 friends Tress and Susan about your class and they couldn’t wait to sign up! I was so happy to see both of them in your class and share the experience with me. I truly take to heart all the helpful tips that you give me and try best to use them to my advantage.”

“I thank you very much for a wonderful experience, and i am sure my classmates feel the same. You are serious about your craft and your ‘sincere interest’ in guiding each of us is greatly appreciated. Your critiques and compliments always instilled a confidence in each of us that seemed to grow from week to week. I send you a very sincere thank you.”