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Film Producer Series – Sama

Weekend Networking Bootcamp With Indie Film Producer Franco Sama

Saturday & Sunday, April 26th-27th, 2014 from 12PM Noon – 5PM

There’s a difference between teaching someone how to act – and teaching someone how to become an actor. With over 20 films to his credit, Indie Film Producer Franco Sama is not an acting coach – but he certainly knows what it takes to be a working actor in Hollywood. Based on the principles outlined in his e-book, THE ART OF NETWORKING FOR ACTORS, Franco will guide you through how to become a better networker, and how to turn your career into a successful business. Networking may be an art – but it’s one that can be learned. This workshop will cover:

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Becoming a Good Networker – The Art of Self-Promotion
•Meetings – How To Get Them & What To Do Once You Do? What You Say vs. What You Do?
•How To Get The Right Agent? Do You Need A Manager? Creating Your “Circle Of Influence”?
•How To Build A Million-Dollar Rolodex? How To Create A Network Database?
•How To Network When You Least Expect It (Social Situations, The Grocery Store, Etc.)?

Performing For An Industry Professional
•Are you representing the “real” you when you perform – what do the professionals see?

Giving Good Phone – The Art Of Making Phone Calls For No Reason
•How do you handle yourself on the phone? What do you say to get your foot in the door?

The Interview
•OK, you’re in front of them – now what? Tricks of the trade – get an edge on your competition. Here’s your chance to work one-on-one with a true industry professional.
This weekend will be chock full of great tools to learn the art of networking. Learn how to put your acting business into overdrive – and turn your acting career into a profitable venture.


Call (323) 988-1175 or email info@studiocartists.com to sign up.

Limited enrollment! All major credit cards accepted.

DISCLAIMER: This workshop is a learning experience. It is not an audition or employment opportunity. When the workshop is over, the industry professional teaching this workshop will not be taking home nor be given access to your headshot, resume or any other of your promotional materials.