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The New Approach: Workout

Scene Study, Audition Technique, & Managing Your Career

Wednesdays, 11:00 a.m. – Taught by Michael Sonntag – $275/month

Think of this class as the gym to work-out your acting muscles. Teacher Michael Sonntag has designed this weekly scene study and theatrical audition technique class to focus on getting down to the true work of acting – booking the job and the application of the New Approach to acting for the screen. Through analysis and study of scenes and monologues, as well as audition and on-camera techniques, the student will master the various skills needed to work as an actor in today’s Hollywood – including an understanding of the casting process (i.e., what goes on when an actor leaves the casting room); how to leverage the unfairness inherent in the process and make it work for you; and how to relate your own uniqueness, talents, and assets to your work.

Each month we invite in an industry guest to watch the work the students are putting up. It’s a two-fold approach: 1) it ups the stakes in the room, so that the actors get a chance to perform in front of outside of the safe boundaries of the class and put themselves in situations where the pressure is on (as in life); 2) it gives the students a chance to get some needed exposure and networking time. Each guest does a Q&A with the class as well.

This Month’s Guest: TBD

Last Month’s Guest: Paul Weber, Casting Director