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Casting: Looking For Real Family Of Four For Panasonic Commercial – Please Submit!


We’re casting a commercial (web spot) for Panasonic – and we’re ideally looking for a real family (Dad, Mom, and 2 kids).  Even one parent and the two kids could work – and we’d just cast the other parent.

In lieu of finding the right “real” family, we are also taking submissions from actors to cast as the family of four.

So please feel free to submit for either category – and follow the submission instructions in the breakdown below – we have released it on both Actors Access and LA Casting, so please use one of those services to submit – or email us at submissions@studiocartists.com.


Usage: Buyout in perpetuity for internet & use at live event in Tokyo in Aug 2014.
Description: Web spot for Panasonic.

Casting Director: Studio C Artists
Interview Date(s): 11/25-11/26
Callback Date(s): 12/2-12/3
Shoot/Start Date: 3 days (between 12/5-12/8)
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Pay Rate: $500/day flat (including agency percentage)

Additional Personnel and Production Info:
Production Co.: Twin Planet Communications
Producer: Allan Wachs
Submission Instructions:

Special Notes:

Rate is flat per shooting day (including agency percentage) – and including the buyout. Shoot is 3 days (12/5-12/7 or 12/6-12/8) – locations and styling dependent. PLEASE NOTE THE VERY BROAD BUYOUT TERMS – ALL ACTORS WHO AUDITION MUST AGREE TO THESE TERMS.
Character Descriptions and Notes (plus Storyline if applicable):

[REAL FAMILY OF 4] Hip, trendy family. Dad & Mom (30’s-40’s) and two kids (around 5 and 10). Caucasian. WOULD BE GREAT IF DAD PLAYED GUITAR – even looked a bit like a clean-cut rocker (Thurston Moore). We’re ideally looking for a REAL family of four for this spot. Or at least one parent and two kids. All other actors submit under the individual roles. Please explain family relationship in submission notes – and if possible, submit family photo.

[DAD] Male. 30’s-40’s. Caucasian. MUST BE ABLE TO PLAY GUITAR. Hip looking – maybe looks a little bit like a clean-cut rocker. Not a Tom Cruise, more like Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore. Any height is ok. Brunette/light brown – medium length shaggy hair a plus.

[MOM] Female. 30’s-40’s. Caucasian. Trendy – Looks like she belongs with a hip clean-cut type of (rocker) guy. No visible tattoos or piercings. Any hair color ok. Mother to two kids, aged 5 and 10.

[YOUNGER KID] Male or female. Age 5-6. Caucasian. Trendy child of two hip parents. Any hair color is fine. Dresses trendy thanks to Mom.

[OLDER KID] Male or female. Age 10. Caucasian. Trendy child of two hip parents. Any hair color is fine. Dresses trendy thanks to Mom.

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