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Dylann Brander

DYLANN BRANDER, C.S.A. (Branman/Brander Casting)

Dylann Brander is a fixture in Network Television casting. She has worked on numerous television pilots and series, as well as feature films. As a TV CD, she navigates back and forth between dramas and comedies with ease.

Dylann’s TV credits include the NBC series Law & Order LA, the TNT series Hawthorne, the CBS series How I Met Your Mother, the A&E series The Cleaner, the two ABC series Womens Murder Club, and Big Day.

Dylann has also cast many films, most recently John Dies at the End (starring Paul Giamatti).

Dylann’s next assignment for casting director is the new FOX drama Gang Related.
A full list of Dylann’s credits can be found on imdB.com.