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“Finally! A One Man Show That Has Everything!” – LA Theatre Review – “I Get Knocked Down…”


I Get Knocked Down @ Studio C Artists
by Tracey Paleo~


Finally! A one man show that has everything!

Now playing at Studio C Artists is the biggest hidden little gem being offered at the Fringe this year. Hands down, I Get Knocked Down is a tour-de-force performance by actor Evan McNamara who brings his entire self, his talent, laser delivery, spot on stage choreography, exciting character development, exuberant imagination and integrity with every moment.

Sitting in the audience, captivated by this man’s performance, I was treated to some of the best, well rounded, no holes theatre I’ve seen in a very long time. I Get Knocked Down is McNamara’s personal journey through his destructive relationship which leads to a ruthless dissolution of his marriage, pushing him into a dark abyss and ultimately to a triumphant return. Told through seven archetypal characters (magical elf, martyr, damsel in distress, scholar, angel, lover, clown) that make up the fragmented parts of his personality, each part of his psyche plays the dual roles of antagonist and protagonist, teaching him powerful lessons about himself which finally lead to a profound understanding of unconditional love.

Co-written by McNamara and Director John Coppola this show is everything but ‘formula.’ Intimate, inventive and wholeheartedly sincere it truly takes its audiences into the deepest parts of a man’s mind and heart.
Playing at Studio C Artists, 6448 Santa Monica Blvd. on Saturday, June 23rd @ 9:30pm (One Performance Left!)

2012 Fringe, Day 5

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