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`I Love Me, I Love Me Not` Review – Great Writeup In Echelon Magazine


Derek Ringold`s solo performance in Hollywood is an LGBT Must-See!

 Faggot!, Girl!, Homo! These words bring resonance to many gay men as we struggle with both our inner and outer acceptance in life. So true is it for Derek Ringold, the star of the latest theatrical production at Theatre Row’s Studio C Artists, “I Love Me, I Love Me Not.”

“I Love Me, I Love Me Not” is a one-man show written and performed by Derek Ringold. Now, solo performances do run the gamut here in LA as many up and coming actors take the reins of their career and produce their own work. You may even cringe by the thought of attending one. But Derek’s show is one of those performances that you don’t want to miss.

As humans, we all deal with universal themes that run in our lives such as mortality, discrimination, confidence, risk and the like. Now, open yourselves up to experiencing those challenges through the eyes of an African American gay man (a double whammy).

Ringold takes us on an eye opening journey beginning with his childhood when he just couldn’t explain to his Dad why although he wanted to play Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, it didn’t mean he wanted to be a girl. Guided by an exceptional director, John Coppola, Derek seamlessly weaves through his stereotypical Hollywood auditions and his constant inner homophobia and fear of loneliness. The combined collaboration of both director and actor in this piece pulls you into a delicious intimacy.

Ringold taps into his experience as a dancer from The Joffrey Ballet Jazz Outreach as he performs choreographed segments of his promiscuous trysts. No words are necessary here. It’s a raw yet refined interpretation of an intense sense of solitude that propels him into dark places.

We watch as Ringold faces his inner demons and temptations and he leaves us with a sense of hope that as humans it’s ok to deal with our dark side only to bring us back into the light.

“I Love Me, I Love Me Not” runs every Thursday through September 15, 2011, at Studio C Artists 6448 Santa Monica Blvd. in Hollywood. You can purchase tickets at http://lovemenot.eventbrite.com/. A portion of the proceeds benefits The Trevor Project.

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