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Louisiana Workshop

Weekend Intensive – One-Day Film/TV Acting Course

Next Workshop:
Saturday, February 20th, 2010
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The New Approach: Workshop is a concentrated course designed for the entrepreneurial actor, providing the tools needed to attain work in film and television. Instructors John Coppola and Michael Sonntag guide participants through the various components that make up this New Approach to acting for the screen – and how these techniques apply in a unique way to YOU.

Our difference? We know how the industry WORKS. We are industry professionals who groom you to be seen the right way – by the right people.

This one-day intensive workshop will be divided up into a mixture of lecture, group discussion, and individual one-on-one instruction. Topics for the course will include:

•What It Really Takes To Have A Working Career In Film & Television (Top Tips For Success)
•The Audition Process – The Tools And Tricks (yes, there are tricks) Necessary To Land The Role
•Hollywood Exposed: Debunking The Myths Of The Hollywood Casting Process
•Who Really Decides About Casting… And Why? And What Goes On In The Room Behind Your Back?
•How To Leverage The Unfairness Inherent In The Process – & Make It Work For You
•Secrets & Lies – Exposing Yourself For The Role So That YOU Show Up Uniquely
•Utilizing the Interactive Matrix Technique – Tools The Pros Use To Focus Their Work
•The Wizard Of Oz & You – Breaking Down Your Archetypal Makeup & Using It In Your Acting Work
•Applying Your New Self-Discoveries To Each Character You Perform (Making These Insights Practical)


Well, if you’ve been reading about this workshop and you’ve gotten down to this section, you’re probably saying to yourself right now – well, this all sounds great. But what do I really get out of all of this? Well, you might want to start by asking yourself a couple of important questions. Do you find yourself going out on auditions – and are becoming frustrated by the seemingly random way in which you book work or don’t book work? Do you wish you could figure out how to book more jobs – or take your acting career to that next level? Do you want to know how to “sell” YOU better? Is all of your training in theatre – and you’re not sure how to make that translate over to the screen? Or do you just want to know how to take what is special about you – and make sure it ends up in each role and audition you perform?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then this workshop is for you. Upon completion, you will walk away with a knowledge of how the casting system works – so that you can be in the flow of it, rather than fighting it (trust us, this is a much less frustrating route to go!). You will begin to identify what makes you unique, so that you can make sure those qualities show up each time you go to work. And you can move forward in your acting profession with an edge on the competition – with specific tools and tricks to increase your chances of booking the audition and building a working career in film and television.

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Acting Career Stuck? We specialize in forging actor breakthroughs. Proven results! Cutting-edge training! Careers launched!

Registration Fee: $150
(Choose to pay in full; or pay half now & half on the day of the workshop.)

Payment Options: Full Registration Fee $150.00 1/2 Payment Upfront $75.00

John Coppola
Director John Coppola is a much sought-after acting coach whose clients range from A-list stars to young up-and-comers.

Michael Sonntag
Casting Director/Producer Michael Sonntag teaches acting classes to both adults and children, as well as audition coaching for performers of all ages.

Embrace & Discover Yourself – So That Others Can Discover You!

Seminar Location
Baton Rouge Marriott
5500 Hilton Ave.
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