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Manager Scene Night 12-08-16

We had a very successful Scene Night last month, on Thursday, December 8th.  For those of you who were unable to make it (or would like further information), here are the actors and their performance videos below.  Also, if you click on the actor’s name in the listing – it’ll take you to their headshots, resumes, etc.

  1. Delilah Andre
  2. Kasara Donnelly
  3. Dominick Vicchiullo
  4. Rachael McLachlan
  5. Daniel O’Reilly
  6. Kim Acquarelli
  7. Jane Kim
  8. Lana Rae Jarvis
  9. Felix Hernandez
  10. Jordan Santoro


Delilah Andre

Kasara Donnelly

Dominick Vicchiullo

Rachael McLachlan

Daniel O’Reilly

Kim Acquarelli

Jane Kim

Lana Rae Jarvis

Jordan Santoro

Felix Hernandez

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