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Michael Sonntag Stepping Down From Studio C Artists


Hello Studio C Family —

I wanted to write this in first person, since many of you know me not only as a colleague, but as a friend. And for those of you who I have spoken to more recently, you might know some or all of these details, but I wanted to “make it official”, by sending out this note on our mailing list.

This decision has been a long time in coming – and we gradually started to roll this out about this time last year. As more and more time has passed, my involvement in the day to day activities at Studio C was becoming less and less. I am now at a point, where I am no longer working at Studio C in any on-going capacity. The reason being that I have three little kids at home, and have decided to devote my time to their care as a stay-at-home dad. I will continue to teach a weekly acting class (because I love it!) for the time being, and am still available for the odd coaching appointment where schedule permits, but otherwise, I am no longer running the operations at the studio, nor will be involved any longer in casting, producing, or managing the school in any way. I will remain an owner of the company (after all – it was my first baby) for the time being – and I hope to continue to see people around the studio from time to time when attending a show or that sort of thing.  I will also continue to work with our charity, One World Stage & Screen.

The good news is that I am leaving Studio C in very capable hands! We have been very lucky to assemble a team that is the perfect fit for what the studio needs. Matt Quinn and Bertha Rodriguez from Theater Asylum/Combined Artform joined us at the end of last year, and they have been doing a bang-up job running the studio, producing shows, and continuing to develop projects in all capacities with my business partner, John Coppola. And we are very pleased to be joined by casting director Neely Gurman, who will be taking over as head of casting for Studio C (more to come on this!).

This decision was not an easy one to make – as I have spent almost the last 18 years working to build and grow Studio C. I have loved every minute of it – and will truly miss all of you! But I know that it’s the right decision for my family, and I am excited for the new things that life holds in my future. And lastly, I’d like to say a special word of thanks to my business partner and dear friend Johnny – John has been truly gracious, supportive, understanding, and encouraging during this transition. It is not easy to have your business partner depart the business – and I am so grateful that we have been able to make this happen and still remain the best of friends.

I hope to continue to see many of you – and thank you for support over the years!

Most sincerely,

Michael Sonntag

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