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New Thursday Daytime Class



Well, maybe not exactly new – but a new time.  Our Wednesday night class is moving to the daytime and a new day.  And it’s a bit of a change for us – I mean, after all, this class has been running in its old time slot for over 10 years now!  We’ve been wanting to offer a daytime class option for awhile to give an option for those who work at nights.

Starting in March, The New Approach: Workout will be offered at 11:00am every Thursday.  This 3-hour class taught by Casting Director-Producer Michael Sonntag is geared to be like the gym – the space for you to come in and workout your acting muscles.  You can find more info about the class on our website at the link below, and as usual, we offer free class audits, so if you’re interested, feel free to contact us and get yourself on the list… info@studiocartists.com.

The New Approach: Workout with Michael Sonntag

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