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October 2006 Workshop at Studio C

with Susan Moses, Vince DiPersio, and Jim Curtan

Four Week Series Runs Monday, Oct.9th, 2006 through Monday, Oct. 30th, 2006

Week One & Week Two – October 9th & 16th – Susan Moses

Susan Kay Moses has over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry working as a writer, director and producer. She taught directing from the actors point of view at the University of Colorado jointly sponsored film school in Denver and has worked with over 40 emerging filmmakers supporting the development and production of their indie films. (For more information, check out Susan’s bio below.)

Drawing from her popular “MIA” Monologue, Inprov, Audition Handbook, Susan will take students through the process of developing characters for films from the perspective of the writer, director and producer. Her workshop will arm actors with a foundation for looking at sides and scripts with a better understanding of what the director and producer is looking for from the actor.

WEEK ONE: Breaking it down to build it up. Students will work from MIA handbook pages to dissect their “character type” examining every aspect of what the writer may have seen when the character was inserted in the script. Working from the pages of one of her current script in pre-production, students will sit in the director’s chair and in the actors chair to experience the character from all sides. There is homework.

WEEK TWO: Students will present their characters as both actor and director for class and instructor critique. The class will include a roundtable discussion and review of the process of taking the one dimensional character from the page to the set and how that transition will translate to the screen.

Week Three – October 23rd – Vince DiPersio

Vince DiPersio is an Emmy award-winning and Oscar-nominated film director. (For more information, check out Vince’s bio below.)

Vince’s informative class will give the actor invaluable insight into everything about the film-making process from the director’s point of view. Special attention will be given to what every actor needs to know before they walk on the set.

Week Four – October 30th – Jim Curtan

Archetypal Exploration: Priest, Magician, Shaman and Storyteller

Jim Curtan is a former manager and current motivational speaker. (For more information, check out Jim’s bio below.)

Join Jim Curtan for an evening’s exploration of the vocation of actor, director, writer as communicator of the sacred. Trace the evolution of your work from it’s roots in the ancient archetypes of Priest, Magician, Shaman, Storyteller. Rediscover and reclaim the holy and healing nature of your work as an artist.

Susan Moses

Susan Kay Moses is a co-founding partner in the international media content company, Cinema Virtuel, Inc. The company is an information and content provider established to service the increasing demands for alternative media to international markets. Cinema Virtual works with indie filmmakers on the development, financing, co-production, and marketing with key North American, Asian and European aggregateates and has become a Tier 1 content provider with a current robust library.

She is also a co-founding partner of the Los Angeles based, Audition For Hollywood, LLC (“A4H”) , GuerillaFlics, and A4H Films & Distribution. Launched in 2003, the company has distinguished itself as a matching services technology within the entertainment industry.

Susan’s 06/07 feature film production slate includes, Nephilim, a $2.5 million, supernatural action thriller, written by Danny Wilson and Darren Foster, Danny Wilson director; Cold War, a$2.25 million drama set in Ireland and the US, written by Joseph Mungra, John Coppola director; Project Solitude, a $2.25 million psychological thriller, written by Rustam Branaman and Tom Hillery, Rustam Branaman director and RED DANGER, a privately funded TV Pilot being shot on location in Oregon and directed by Antonio Galloro.

She began her career as an independent producer of film and syndicated television programming, developing projects with HBO, Time life Films, Orion Television, Columbia Television, and Lorimar. Her company Star World Productions (Public) co-produced and distributed a slate of $2million classics including: Vultures in Paradise, Treasures of the Amazon, To Kill A Stranger and independently produced the cult horror classic feature, Midnight Cabaret, as the Executive Producer with Lorimar/TimeWarner. Her indie films include the short films: Possibility, Inside Job, Straight Jacket, Parties Gone Bad, A Woman’s Woman (Writer/Director), Bad Habits, LaLaLand, Janet Mark, Voyeur Sentinel (Director) and the feature film Straight Jacket.

In 2001 she conceptualized and co-founded the Colorado Actors and Screenwriters Assembly (CASA), currently a 1000+ person organization, in Denver, CO. Under her leadership CASA became a leader in entertainment in the Rocky Mountain state. Susan also privately coached talent, and was on the teaching staff at the University of Colorado-Denver, jointly sponsored CFVI Studios Film School.

Susan’s work with indie filmmakers includes her participation in film festivals, international markets and conferences including: MARKETS: Cannes, AFM, Berlin, Sundance and Toronto. CONFERENCES & FESTIVALS: Queens International Film Festival, Queens, NY – Judge & Presenter; New York Indie Film & Video Festival, Los Angeles 2004 – Panelist; New York Indie Film & Video Festival, Las Vegas 2005 – Panelist; Westwood International Film Festival, Westwood, CA – Industry participant; SoCal International Film Festival, Huntington Beach, CA – Seminar presenter; ARPA International Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA – Award presenter; New York International Film Festival, New York, NY – Industry Specialist/Panelist.

Vince DiPersio

“A genuine iconoclastic talent worth applauding” – Variety, April 10, 1997

These words in response to Vince DiPersio’s second feature film, The Price of Kissing, just begin to tell the tale. Three Academy Award nominations in the last ten years, three Emmys, prizes from film festivals around the world, the Robert F. Kennedy Award for Journalism – Vince brings a level of passion and excitement to every project he embarks on.

Over the course of his career, Vince has done award-winning documentaries for HBO, CBS, Turner Television, Frontline, and ABC. He has written and directed features for David Putnam and MDP Worldwide. He has done re-writes for projects such as Robert Townsend’s Little Richard and sold his own screenplay on Houdini to TNT. In the last year, he has written a TV pilot for Tom Fontana and HBO and another one for James Elroy and FX Television. He is currently in discussions with Showtime to do yet another pilot.

Vince has directed major TV commercials for Reebok, Lucas Film, Fox Studios, and Universal. Currently, Vince has just wrapped the documentary Truth In Terms Of Beauty – a look at the life of legendary jazz photographer Herman Leonard, due out in theatres soon – and is finishing post on a documentary about the Iraq War for Showtime.

Vince is also putting together his next independent feature, Howl, about a wild twenty-four hours in the lives of beat lions, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and Neal Cassady.

Jim Curtan

Jim Curtan is a motivational speaker, retreat leader, and certified spiritual director. For the past six years he has taught extensively with New York Times best-selling author Caroline Myss and has been a faculty member of the Caroline Myss Educational Institute since its inception in 2003. He has taught at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, The Crossings in Austin, Texas and The Learning Annexes in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. He has lectured and led workshops at the Kairos Center (London), Metropolitan Community Church (Los Angeles) and the California Men’s Gathering.

In his prior career as a talent manager, Jim advised such prominent actors as John Malkovich, John Travolta, Melanie Griffith, Geena Davis, Willem Dafoe, Andy Garcia, Patrick Swayze, Diana Canova, Kevin Kilner, Marilu Henner, and “John Coppola”. Don’t miss this opportunity to do this archetypal workshop with Johnny’s own teacher.

$210 for 4 weeks – Seating Limited – Register NOW!