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Part of what we teach all of our clients is to learn to “live out loud” – that innate ability that artists (and really all humans) have to experience each moment in life fully – and in so doing, shine a light on certain aspects of the world and our society to cause people to think. That’s really what being an actor or a filmmaker is about. This philosophy is also the approach we take to each production we endeavor to give birth to. We aim to create an awareness about our subject, and cause our audience to look at the world in a new or different way. We believe the time is right for films that truly speak to an audience (notice we say speak, not preach – there is a difference) – and that the film-going public is eager for stories that entertain AND highlight the reality they see in their daily lives instead of the clichés thrown at them for years. A glance at even the most recent hits at the box office give evidence to this fact – our heroes don’t have to look or act perfect – action stars can have flaws (Iron Man, Hancock), dramas can highlight the darker aspects of humanity (No Country For Old Men, There Will Be Blood), comedies can have sensitive male characters (Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), and the girl next door can be over the age of 40 (Sex and the City). The world is full of nuances – and our films need to reflect that balance.

The objectives for Studio C Artists in producing their films are as follows:

•To produce feature film and television content that is based on a good, smart story and a unique point of view that has not been seen before or represents a twist or tweak of an already established genre.
•To create content that requires or makes an audience think – the type of film or tv program that just might change someone’s life – or at least alter their perspective on a given subject.
•To utilize various forms of marketing, both traditional and viral, to creatively maximize exposure our films – including exploring the use of product placement and other alternative means of marketing.
•To access the creative and industry professional expertise available to our company to make the best decisions possible, and create the best product we possibly can.