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Scene Night Instructions

Thursday, August 25th
8:00-9:30 PM

Booking Rehearsals:

You get 1-hour with each coach, so be sure to book both appointments.
Click below To Schedule Your Coaching Appointments
•John Coppola (john@studiocartists.com)
•Michael Sonntag (michael@studiocartists.com)

Rehearsal Notes:

•Rehearsals can be scheduled around your availability. If you don’t see a time you like, just email us to let us know – we’ll do our best to accommodate.
•Book rehearsals using the links above – then just click on the time you want and complete the information.
•All rehearsals will be held at Studio C Artists, 6448 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038.
•All actors must be off book before the first rehearsal.
•You can book rehearsals in whichever order you would like.
•If you need to reschedule, use the links provided or just email us and let us know, and we can rebook the appointment for you.

Scene Night Notes:

•Scenes should be no more than 2-3 minutes in length. You’ll be performing with a reader. It’s usually best for you to select the scene, since you’ll know yourself and what you want the best. If you have scene ideas, and aren’t sure, we’ll be happy to help you narrow it down. If you’re completely stuck, let us know ASAP.
•For this one, also choose one short piece of commercial copy to perform after the scene as well (that’s why it’s important that the scenes are short.)
•In terms of what scene to perform… when choosing material, make it obvious – pick something that’s right up your alley – something maybe even that an actor you’re compared to has starred in, or something like that. Of course, you’ll want one that highlights you – but there can be any number of other characters in it. And scenes usually work better than monologues.
•We will need 10 copies of your headshot and resume. All headshots and resumes are due by your first coaching session. (Any unused headshots/resumes will be available for pickup after the performance.)
•Call time for the performance is 7pm sharp! We expect all actors to arrive at the studio one full hour before the performance begins unless other arrangements have been made in advance with either Michael or John.