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The Casting Threshold

I guess this one falls under the title – better late than never.  Actors are always wondering why it takes so long to get copies of tape from work they’ve done?  Well, if it’s any consolation, it takes a long time to get tape from any project – no matter who you are.  Case in point – I’m finally getting around to posting a trailer from a project we cast last year – “The Threshold”.  (Truth be told – I’ve been sitting on the video for awhile now, with the intention of posting it to the blog!)  The project was an interactive online game for Cicso, produced by No Mimes Media.

We were invited to the cast and crew screening at Cinespace – and let me just say, those guys over at No Mimes are geniuses!  I have no idea how they thought up the concept, because it was way over my head – but it was really cool!  Congrats to all of our awesome cast!  Take a look at the final results after the jump.

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